It’s a Small World After All…

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So its about Nineteen Fifty Something and my mother’s younger sister  Mary, born and raised in southwestern Virginia,  marries Jack, a New York Jew. Wow! Pretty scandalous. We were a family of Irish and German Americans, Protestant on one side, lapsed Catholic on the other. A Jew!? From New York. How much more alien can you get (particularly if you are growing up in east Tennessee)?

Mary and Jack produced my oldest cousin Clarke. He married Yuni who is Korean. Wow. How strange! They produced Kim, the brilliant and beautiful young woman in the photo below, who has now married Fernando, an Hispanic Marine…  

I mean, Jeez, what’s happening to America!? What’s happening to the White Bread Nation of my youth?


Tennessee Waterfalls

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Three fine Flickr photographs of Tennessee waterfalls…

By Brandon Feagan, subject to a creative commons license

By Kevin M’Mara, subject to a creative commons license.

by Greg Robbins, subject to a creative commons license.

Some waterfall sets:

Tennessee Waterfalls

What Tennpenny Photos Can Do For You!

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Tennpenny Photos specializes in family life photography


                We will come to your home, business, or the scene of your event, and photograph the kind of activities or things listed below. We will turn those photos, together with other images and text we will select, into a handsome and unique hard back, coffee table book with a full dust jacket. You may purchase additional copies of your book from us. You may also allow friends or family members to purchase your family or event book from Tennpenny though our internet site.

Our Latest Book…

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bbookfShots of the book we just got back from the publisher we put together for the Loudon County Bar Association depicting scenes from their Christmas Breakfast on December 20, 2008. We added a selection of lawyer jokes and stories, famous quotations about the law, a bit of history of Loudon county and some gorgeous shots of the lake…  You may preview the first fifteen pages (or purchase) the book HERE.

Family Life Photography

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                Here are the kinds of things Tennpenny can do for you:

                family or school reunions, anniversary parties,

child or adult birthday parties,

school graduations and parties, business

                or club parties or any other business related activities. 

your or you or your child’s participation in competitions, sports

or other extracurricular activities such as

                horse shows (where allowed by the sponsors).

                your home or garden or farm,

                 your horse(s), dog(s), cat(s) or gerbil(s),

or anthing else in your life

             you’d like to see be the subject of one of our coffee table books.



We don’t do weddings, but we are open to photographing almost anything else!


You may reach Tennpenny Photos at:

(865) 984-0416 or fax us at (984-8133)

 The proprietor of Tennpenny photos is Charles Clifford (aka Cliff Michaels)

 631 William Blount Drive Maryville, Tennessee 37801

(or leave a comment here!)

Visit Blurb and See My Books

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Here’s a page with a listing of the books I’ve published for myself and others….